Useful articles for beard lovers Part 2

Here is part 2 of articles collection that every bearded men needs to read:

100 Famous Beards (Ultimate Collection) – Biggest collection of famous beard on the internet

How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff – Question that is being asked by almost every man

Benefits of Using Natural Beard Soap – Why regular soap isn’t for your beard, including many other benefits

4 Steps to Increase Testosterone and Beard Growth – Wanna bigger and longer beard, you need to read this


Useful articles for beard lovers

I found more than a few very useful articles at, and I will be keep adding to this list:

5 simple steps to grow your beard faster - Stating what is really important if you want to grow your beard as fast as possible.

Beard dying/coloring – Ever wanted to have some fun with your beard? Or if you think it needs a little touch to be perfect. This article will show you how to accomplish exactly what you need.

How to stop beard itch - Tried growing your beard but the impossible itch stopped you? Here is how can you finally overcome that and grow a manly beard.

How to grow Fu Manchu - Perfect guide for us, the mustache lovers. Grow your Fu Manchu stache!!

Beard Rash – How to take care of it

Best Beard Combs – How to choose best comb for your beard and mustache

World Beard Championships 2014

Just for Men World Beard & Moustache Championships® was held in Portland, October 25, 2014

There where almost 300 contestants and here are the best ones:

Winner: Madison Rowley


Josh Seehorn

Keenan Bohach

Taylor McKibben

Burke Kenny

Aaron Calihan

Luke Shuler

Kevin Riordan

Curtis Cole

Ian Stetler