8 Best Mustache and Beard Styles in 2015

Here are the 9 best mustache and beard styles for men in 2015:

1) Horseshoe

Horseshoe Mustache styleA full moustache with its long, vertical extensions grown on the corners of the lips down the sides of the mouth, resembling an upside-down horseshoe was made popular by modern cowboys. The whiskers along the sides of the mouth are also referred to as “pipes”. This moustache style is not to be confused with the “fu manchu”, whose sides remain shaven and is grown long from the upper lip only.
Although the horseshoe is fairly easy to maintain, it takes commitment and boldness to grow, so this particular style is only for the confident and those willing to spend a few months perfecting their hair style.
Face shape for this style should be square or long.

2) Painter’s brush

ts mustache styleA thick moustache that covers the entire width of the mouth with slightly rounded corners, usually worn short. This particular moustache style is perfect for men who have no problem growing facial hair, and don’t have a good idea of what style they should pursue. It looks great on most men and doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s also quite common on military men and other public service officers, for its nearly trimmed style is in accordance with the strict military look.
Face shape for this style should be square or round.


3) Pencil

VP mustache styleAlso called a “mouthbrow”, the pencil is a thin, narrow line of hair just above the lip. It can be grown rather quickly, especially if you are using a single blade razor or wax, which can help you to achieve ultimate precision. A pencil moustache style can be trimmed in different manners and it requires a lot of upkeep, so it’s best suited to men with slow facial hair growth (or thinner hair).
This style was worn back in the day by Clark Gable, Cary Grant and Sammy Davis Jr., whereas a modern-day incarnation can be found in Orlando Bloom or Internet comedian Kassem G.
Just remember that there should be a skin line between your pencil and your upper lip, or else you’re going to look like you’re wearing a lip liner.
Face shape for this style should be round.


4) The Toothbrush

AH mustache styleThe toothbrush moustache is thick, shaved to be about an inch(2-3 cm) wide in the center. It’s located above the center of the lip, with its sides cropped vertical and not tapered.
Made popular by 19th century Americans, it was shunned after World War II because of its relation with the German dictator Adolf Hitler.
Now and forever know as “the Hitler moustache”, not many people will consider this kind of a moustache style. However if anyone reading this article does choose to try this one out, remember the need to have a thick moustache hair to grow it.
Face shape for this style should be square, round or long.


5) Full Beard

GC mustache styleNot much detail in this one, a full beard covers all of your facial-growing face. This one cannot be pulled out by everyone. Well not successfully, anyway. Anyone can grow a beard, but not everyone can pull it off. Not only does it come in handy during those cold winter months, but to some men it means looking much more handsome and masculine (usually to more boyish-looking men).
For growing a beard, use the same procedure as you would for growing a goatee moustache style. Clip your moustache down to size and just begin growing the rest of your facial hair, including sideburns. Your moustache will be rare or thin at first, so just let it thicken gradually as the rest of your beard develops. Don’t forget to keep your neck shaven to avoid looking like a mountain hillbilly.
Face shape for this style is not important.


6) Moustache With Goatee (combo)

COLIN Farrell Goatee mustacheGoatee moustache style is great if you want to add some extra facial hair around your already grown thick moustache. This represents a viable option for men who can grow upper lip and chin hair, but cannot grow hair on their cheeks.
Firstly, you will have to thin out your moustache. We suggest using a barber’s scissors or an electric trimmer.
Over the course of the next four weeks you can progressively reduce the amount of trimming you do on your upper lip on account of your chin hair becoming thicker. Don’t forget to keep using a sharp wet razor to keep your cheeks and neck fuzz free.
Face shape for this style is square or long.


7) Fu Manchu

john-travolta mustacheA moustache that is grown really long, originating from the upper lip and extending downward. Fu Manchu is not to be confused with the horseshoe, like mentioned above in the article.
This style is exceptionally hard, for it takes a long time to grow and requires styling products to keep your “whiskers” straight and neat. To grow it, just follow the advice from the “Horseshoe” with the exception of having the corners of the mouth shaven, so that only the facial hair from your lip falls down the sides.
Fu Manchu is a fictional character from his novels by Sax Rohmer whose name this moustache style bears.
Face shape for this style is long.


8) The American Standard

Not too thick, and not too thin, located in the center above the upper lip and moderately groomed. Most people with this kind of moustache are usually Highway Patrol officers or porn stars. Although for the most part this style can look sleazy or creepy, there are some men out there who can pull it off surprisingly good.
This moustache style is the most classical looking of all, so there isn’t much in a way of advice that needs to be given here. Almost anyone with thick enough hair can grow it, and to maintain it, one would only need a pair of clippers.
Face shape for this style is not important.

3 thoughts on “8 Best Mustache and Beard Styles in 2015

  1. Dale Mc

    John Travolta’s picture doesn’t look like a fu manchu, it looks like it’s growing to his face just like the Hulkster’s, it’s just trimmed tighter.??
    I guess the “Chevron” aka “Magnum PI” Tom Selleck’s mustache back in the day is no longer in style?
    Mark Spitz Olympic swimmer had some hilarious answers to a Russian swim coach questions about his mustache.
    OTHERWISE, good article. Thanks.


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