Best mustache styles

Top 3 Mustache styles for men


The most common and easy to grow good looking facial hair. The Painter’s brush, moustache + goatee and the classic unshaven look are considered one of the most popular and best moustache styles.

3) Unshaven

The “I-forgot-to-shave” look doesn’t require much upkeep and gives you a laid-back attitude. To achieve this look, start off with a clean shave. Lay back and let nature take its course until you achieve this all-over scruffy look. Then just use electric clippers to keep your beard very short and fine so that your skin can be visible. In difference from the full beard, keep your neck unshaven too.
The unshaven look is a timeless and ruggedly masculine facial hair look that most women love. Almost every man, if not all of them, has used this look at least once in their lifetime.
You simply cannot try to name 3 best moustache styles without adding the old reliable unshaven look.


2) Moustache With Goatee

Goatee moustache style is great if you want to add some extra facial hair around your already grown thick moustache. This represents a viable option for men who can grow upper lip and chin hair, but cannot grow hair on their cheeks.
Firstly, you will have to thin out your moustache. We suggest using a barber’s scissors or an electric trimmer.
Over the course of the next four weeks you can progressively reduce the amount of trimming you do on your upper lip on account of your chin hair becoming thicker. Don’t forget to keep using a sharp wet razor to keep your cheeks and neck fuzz free.

The reason this particular one is on this short best moustache styles list is that every man has at least tried to shape a goatee-moustache look at least in their lives. And if you haven’t, chances are you probably will. And the best part is that for the most part, it works. It may not look awesome on everyone, but it does look generally good. No more reasons are needed to explain why this classic is number two on this list.


1) Painter’s brush

A thick moustache that covers the entire width of the mouth with slightly rounded corners, usually worn short. This one is perfect for men who have no problem growing facial hair, and don’t have a good idea of what style they should pursue.
When you’re in doubt like this, remember that it looks great on most men and doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s also quite common on military men and other public service officers, for its nearly trimmed style is in accordance with the strict military look.
So not only does it give you that masculine and classic “moustache” look, but it’s quite simple and easy. That is why this is considered one of the best moustache styles today.

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