How to Shape a Beard [Part 1]


Are you frustrated with the lackluster blob shape of your beard? Are you tired of not knowing how to get the look you want from your facial hair? Are you struggling to figure out the best way to shape your beard?

Shaping a beard properly can be hard. The style that looks good on your brother might look awful on you, and for no easily identifiable reason.

There’s an intricate science behind picking between beard styles and the subsequent beard shaping that can be confusing and difficult to perfect.

I’ve fallen victim to the lopsided, poorly shaped beard before. Never again, I swore, would I go to work looking like I didn’t know what I was doing with my facial hair. I did my research on how to shape a beard, and it’s time for you to do yours, too.

Knowing the different options and techniques for shaping a beard can be a valuable tool in a man’s arsenal to look good at all times.

My arsenal has a bottle of beard oil, beard shampoo and you can choose from popular beard brushes. Finding the right beard shape can be as difficult and tedious as finding the perfect haircut.

Follow this 5-step process to finding your perfect beard shape, and the rocket science of beard shaping will be as easy as 2+2.

  1. Face your Problems

Maybe you’ve finally gotten past that awkward in-between stubble and beard phase and grown out a respectable amount of hair; maybe you’re tired of the way you have your beard now, and you’re ready for a big change.

Many beard men chop away at their facial hair in the way that seems quickest, simplest, or most fashionable, choosing to skip the research, practice, and true art of beard shaping.

The first step to getting the perfect beard for your face is being emotionally ready to put in effort to get it shaped and keep it that way.