How to Shape a Beard [Part 2]

2. Figure out your Face Shape

So, you’ll get the right tools and learn what you need to so you can look your best, right? Now, you need to figure out your face shape.


Before putting your beard oil or beard butter, measure and write down the distance between the center of the hairline to the bottom of the chin (face length), the peaks of each eyebrow arch (forehead length), and between the most prominent parts of the cheekbones beneath the outer corner of each eye (cheekbone length).

Even before starting all this you must be cleaned shaved. Use beard scissors or razors to to clean shaven.

The fourth and most tricky measurement is for the jawline.  Measure from the tip of the chin to the spot where your jaw begins to angle upwards. Since you have two sides to your jaw, multiply by two.

Got your measurements down? Get ready to compare them to the proportions below to find your face shape.

Round Face

The round face is characterized by the face length being similar to the cheek bones, and the jawline being similar to the forehead length. Both the face length and cheek bones are longer than the jawline and forehead length. Your jawline angle is soft, and not too noticeable.

Square Face

A square face shape has similar measurements all around. Your jawline is sharp and prominent.

Oblong or Rectangular Face

For the oblong face shape, the face length is the largest measurement. The rest of the measurements—cheekbones, jawline, and forehead length—are relatively equal.

Oval Face

Oval faces will have the face length larger than the cheekbones, and the forehead length longer than that of the jawline. Your jawline is rounded and lacks the sharp angles of the square face.

Here they are side by side for comparison with a different diagram from The Esthetics Clinic.