How To Shape A Beard [Part 3]

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Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Now that you’ve got your face shape down, you can match up what styles fit you best using the guide we’ve compiled below.

How to Shape a Beard with Round Face

The Round Face looks great with a goatee, soul patch, or chin strap.

For your face shape, be sure you keep your beard well-trimmed to slim down the face, and be sure that your sideburns and neck hair doesn’t go overboard.

How to Shape a Beard with Square Face

The square face shape matches up well with the Van dyke beard, full goatee, and chin strap styles.

You’ll want to enhance your square jawline or, if needed, slightly reduce a severe jawline. Keep your beard trimmed if you can, but a little bit of chaos never hurt anybody.

How to Shape a Beard with Oblong or Rectangular Face

How to shape a beard with a oblong or rectangular face

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The oblong shape can take on the mutton chop, full beard, chin curtain, or long goatee with pride.

While short styles can work, longer styles can veil the oblong chin. We really recommend mutton chops, since they dually round out the face and make it appear more square.

How to Shape a Beard with Oval Face

Congratulations! You’re one of the lucky few who can get away with almost anything.

Short, long, thin, thick – your face shape is neutral, so it’s hard to make your face seem awkward or unproportionable through a beard.

If you need help with beard growth, be sure to check out beard vitamins that can boost up growth process.

Feel free to share and leave a comments on this long and exhausting growing and shaping trip. I’m really excited to read your feedback!