Square, Round or Long Face?

Square Face or Round Face

For your rounder face, you need to use the beard to elongate your shape insurance firms the beard longer in the chin. Keep your sides short with length on the chin, and you will probably give the look off a longer face. One option to consider is the classic goatee.

Having a square face you need to trim from the edges somewhat, so utilizing the converse principle of the round head type of beard, you would like it thicker on the sides and shorter on the chin. Sometimes long side burns can help lengthen the face. You desire the transition through the side on the chin to be as subtle as you possibly can, so grade it gently. A goatee work, but don’t help it become narrow, don’t forget to retain length within the chin.

Long Face


Using a long face, ensure accentuate the length, therefore the reverse principle from the round face is what you want. Thicken out the sides, as well as give the face a thicker appearance. An advanced bit gaunt and narrow within the cheeks, a thicker side growth can give the looks or higher body inside your face. Remember when choosing style that you need to shampoo your beard, dry it and put beard oil, and then look at the style and shape of your beard.