How To Trim Your Amish Beard

american-amish-beard-styleTrimming your new Amish beard is going to be easy if you follow a few simple steps.

To get started trimming your Amish beard, go out and invest in a new razor to help keep your mustache area clear.

Trimming your beard is going to be a breeze once you get these steps down, take things slow at first and just know you will need to master these steps over time:

Before you trim, wash the beard with warm water to remove any debris that could interfere with the trimming process.

Use a beard comb the gently eliminate knots and tiny particles still trapped in the beard. Combing daily is highly recommended.


Once the beard is combed, begin trimming with a shaving machine along the outer edges in straight lines. Length is not the issue, you want to keep the frizzy ends from growing horizontally.