World Beard Day

World Beard Day is observed every year on an international level with people from all continents and nations matching together with their beards. This important day takes place on the first Saturday of September and is marked by the joy of all people coming together with to showcase their beards. Tip: How to grow your beard thicker

On this day, it is a tradition for the bearded family members to take their time off from work or chores and relax. The beardless family members on the other hand, traditionally show their support for their bearded loved ones by waiting hand and foot for them. This annual celebration is all about elevating and promoting the international status of the beard. While many nations and cities have their own specific World Beard Day customs which they practice, shaving on this day is universally seen as being highly disrespectful.


wbdFascinating facts about World Beard Day

In southern Spain, various townships come together to watch a boxing match between a beardless boy and bearded man. No matter how strong the boy may be, the bearded man who is usually armed with a very sharp pike is typically the winner. Tip: How to use growth serums for your beard

In the village of Donskborg, Sweden, anyone who doesn’t have a beard is normally banished from the village and forced to spend 24 hours in a nearby jungle. Back in the village, the bearded burn effigies of their beardless loved ones.

The exact origin of World Beard Day is still unknown. However, some available evidence points out that it was the Danish Vikings that brought about this special day, which they dedicated to glorify beards back in 800 AD. During that time, the Danish Vikings didn’t set a fixed date to mark the celebration, and hence they would observe it even a hundred times in a year. The celebrations typically involved ransacking of neighboring villages and towns by strong groups of heavily-armed hirsute men. This early incarnation is thought to have been the origin of what we all know today as World Beard Day.

Significance of the beard and what World Beard Day entails

Throughout the globe, bearded communities are spurred on to acknowledge this sacred by staging and organizing their own private or public World Beard Day celebrations. The celebrations may consist of anything from lavish taxpayer –funded street parade to a relaxing family lunch.

Today, the beard is still a lively topic of discussion…Science too has developed interest in the beard! A 2014 study sought to cover the question of attractiveness, summarizing that facial hair is one of the main things that makes a man more attractive to a lady. It is even said that bearded politicians are likely to be more trusted by the electorate when compared to clean-shaven ones. Tip: Always keep your beard well moist

As far as World Beard Day is concerned, this year is no exception too. Hirsute women and from all corners of the globe will mark the day by holding thousands of events in backyards, bars, beaches, parks, public squares and lounge rooms. The day can be marked by every bearded person by simply inviting several bearded colleagues, strangers or neighbors over to your home for a day of unity, celebration and fun (between bearded persons).

If you are marking this day, there are various things you can do make as remarkable as possible. For instance, you can bake bread, sit around a fire or change a tyre with the help of your bearded friends.

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